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Sweet Gifts For Under $10

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This week we have spotted some bargains at Rainbow Designs that we have to share with you because they are unbelievable value.

These gifts are all priced at $10 and include gift tag and delivery Australia wide!

  • Little Princess: The gift pack includes an 18cm princess ballerina doll and a 60gm Freckleberry ‘Sweet Little Princess’ Chocolate. 
  • Snakes Alive:  Who wouldn’t like 400gm of delicious Allens Snakes?  Blue, red, green, orange and yellow – they’re all there!  They are all packed in a glossy white noodle box for beautiful presentation.
  • Baby Love: A blue or pink 20cm teddy bear with either ‘baby girl’ or ‘baby boy’ embroidered on the paws and 150g of Freckleberry Chocolate Freckles would be a lovely gift baby shower for the mum-to-be.  It’s something for bubs and a little treat for her.   All you need now are the invitations and we’ve got those covered.

These gifts are weekly specials so if you want them, you had better get shopping quickly.  Remember to check back often because of course the specials alter each week.

So now you have the gifts, all you need is a party to go to!

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Be The Star Of The Party

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Coming up with entertainment ideas for children’s parties is not easy, especially if you’re looking for something that is not too expensive.

Have you ever thought about becoming the entertainer?

With a few simple magic tricks you can keep a group of children enthralled for ages.  We found these clips which will teach you a couple of simple magic card tricks to start off with.  After a little practice you will be as good as the magician in the clips.

Oh, by the way, we followed the link to his website and found that he offers a free 17-Part Magic Course by email.  We don’t know what it’s like but if you like the idea of becoming a magician it might be a great place to start.

Here you go.  Get started.

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The New Trend Of Smash Cakes

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Smash cakes are a relatively new trend to add that extra dimension to a party.  A smash cake is a special cake baked especially for your child for their first birthday although it can be used for any celebration.

The fun part is that your child gets to smash up a cake, make a real mess and get covered in cake.  After all, a one year old will do that with the real cake if you let him!  At the same time it provides a great opportunity to take lots of fun photographs so the memories last forever.

For any smash cake celebration you should have two cakes of which the main one is the better cake that everyone can share and the other is the smash cake for total destruction!  Often the smash cake is smaller and made from more basic ingredients as it needs to be easy to mess up and destroy.

For any smash cake celebration, be prepared for a mess that may go on clothes, the tablecloth, the floor and even other party guests.  The smash cake should also have brightly coloured icing, lollies and/or other coatings that are safe as they will make better photographs.

The popularity of the smash cake trend has meant that they are used in other celebrations including weddings – but make sure all people are willing participants.  Not everyone has the one year old’s joy in a beautiful mess.

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Party Games Using Music

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A fantastic way to keep kids entertained and add an extra dimension of fun is to get them playing some games using music.  Here are some classic games and simple ideas that are sure to burn the energy of the most active bunch of kids.

  • Musical Statues:  Everyone moves and dances while the music plays but when the music stops they must keep as still as possible - any one caught moving will be “out”.  Judges may need a bit of discretion but they can pull funny faces to make the kids laugh.  The last one standing wins the prize.
  • Musical Chairs:  Play music while the kids circle the chairs and then when the music stops everyone scrambles for their chair.  The kid who misses out on getting chair is “out”.  Remove one of the chairs and repeat the process.  It is always good fun and it can be a bit boisterous so make sure nothing of valuable is in the area.
  • Pass the Parcel:  Wrap up a present with lots of layers of paper and then pass around the group of kids.  When the music stops, the kid holding the parcel unwraps a layer from the parcel.  Continue the process until the last layer is unwrapped with that kid winning the prize.
  • Pass the Bomb:  All the kids sit in a circle and pass an object around; ideally something that looks like a bomb but could be anything.  The kids holding the object when the music stops is “out”.  As each kid leaves the game, make the circle smaller and repeat the process.

All these games can be played both inside and outside and to add that extra dimension you can use lights and create a really great atmosphere.  The great thing with these games is that they are interactive, they add an exciting dimension to the party plus they are just great fun for the kids to play.

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Great Places For Toy Shopping

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Looking for that ideal gift for the upcoming party can sometimes be hard, time consuming and costly.  Here are some great stores that I recommend to make this task a whole lot easier.  They stock quality toys and their service is excellent.  Each store specialises in a different area and they are experts in their fields.

  • Shop 4 Toys:  They provide a huge range of age appropriate toys that are great fun, educational and get the brain working.  Toys range from arts and crafts through to science kits as well as games.  For each toy purchased they provide a free birthday gift wrap and handwritten card.  Shop4Toys specialises in gifts for children who might not be geographically close which can make it difficult to know what to choose.  Shop4Toys will help you work it out.
  • The Toy Bug:  The owner of the Toy Bug has a son diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and the idea for the store came about by looking for toys that gain a child’s attention, are interactive as well as being great fun.  The toys are chosen to help children learn while they play.  There are toys that help with sensory issues as well as social skills.  The range of choice is huge.
  • Bunyip Toys:  This store stocks a wide range of toys from many different suppliers and has the largest range of Playmobil toys in Australia.  You won’t find licensed or screen based toys here.  Bunyip Toys like to encourage unstructured play that is not influenced by advertising or TV shows.  They choose toys which allow your child to use their imagination and develop their creative spirit.

As an alternative to buying an individual game or toy we can help you construct a fantastic loot bag that is full of fun games, toys and other goodies that adds that extra bit of variety for any party.  You can select your theme from a wide range suitable for all ages.  When your child prefers lots of things instead of one big gift, a loot gift is perfect.

No matter what your child loves to do, there is a toy that will make it fun and special for them.

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Summer Fruit – Healthy Snack

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When you think summer fruits imagine rich red strawberries, enticing blueberries, plump melons, juicy peaches and sweet pineapple.

These fresh fruits are just one of the many benefits that the arrival of the summer months bring.  Did I mention they make great party snacks?

Summer fruit is a healthy treat which can also translate to fun and colourful food for children especially as there are so many delicious ways to serve it up.  It is amazing how even the simplest of things can make a dish appealing to kids.

Add an icypole stick into your watermelon pieces and children will be more than happy to nibble their way through a mountain of watermelon.  You can even use a cookie cutter to cut the watermelon into decorative shapes.

Or how about piling small scoops of melon in a simple icecream cone?  Fruit skewers also allow for a wide variety of fruit to be used depending on the freshness and availability and are always popular at any meal or event.

Kids love icypoles or popsicles so how about trying your hand at making your own?  Grab a couple of peaches, a large handful of strawberries, a dash or two of honey, mix with some milk (approximately half a cup) and blend.  Freeze and simply serve.  And smoothies are definitely a winner in the sunshine months as an alternative to a traditional milkshake.

However by far the most creative thing I have seen done with watermelon are these Watermelon Slice Cupcakes.  Both kids and adults will love these watermelon cakes topped with yoghurt and a melon cherry.  I doubt anyone will be complaining about how healthy this dish is as they are eating it.

Long live the summer!!

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Sparkling Ring Cookies – For Stars!

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When organising a kids’ birthday party, you’re probably always on the lookout for special treats to make the birthday star feel like one.  Well, we’ve found one that is sure to satisfy any princess.

These Sparkling Ring Cookies could be just the thing to inject some glitz and glamour into any party.  They’re pretty, colourful and sparkly, made to resemble a giant jewelled ring.

They’re very simple to make (using basic cookie dough) and you could even involve your birthday princess in the process.  She could then put her own decorating stamp on each one, using different coloured jubes, cashous and even edible glitter.

All you need is a quantity of basic cookie dough with some coloured sprinkles kneaded into it.  Take small sections of the dough, roll them into long logs and then shape them in figure 8s with one cirle smaller than the other.  Place a jube in the centre of the smaller circle, decorate the whole creation with cachous, more sprinkes, glitter and bake.

These would be fantastic as a replacement for lolly bags, although you’d need to check with the other parents about any allergies. The best bit is that you can make them ahead of time, as they can be stored for up to 5 days in an air tight container.

You could even adapt these as Christmas treats; simply make them into single small circles and serve as a treat to the kids!  Or use them as special homemade gifts for friends and family.  Or even as edible Christmas decorations.

Happy baking!

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Parties For Toddlers

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When planning parties for toddlers then there is one main thing you need to take into account – simplicity.  Generally the toddler age range encompasses the first birthday or any other special celebration event prior to the second birthday and for this age group, the simpler the better.  They are just learning to walk, may still be a bit unsteady on their legs and have a very small attention span.

These are all things that need to be taken into account when planning the party.  Toddlers, although no longer babies, can be overwhelmed by a large number of guests.  Keep the guest count low for starters and plan the party around your child’s nap – usually a morning party works well before the midday or afternoon meltdown occurs.

By all means plan a tempting feast but know that the simplest touches like tablecloths and cutlery can become a hazard in little hands.  It is also best to avoid balloons at the event as toddlers will not appreciate a popping balloon going off in their hands.

Children of course love presents, however at this age, it is best to open the gifts after the event to avoid further anxiety from the birthday toddler and their toddler friends.

When planning the event – outside is best to avoid destruction and breakage occurring within the house.  A backyard or nearby park is great – anywhere that allows the toddlers to run around and play.

Weather depending, you can plan activities for the party although again aim for simple unstructured fun.  Fun in a paddling pool or sandpit is a great way for kids to experiment or how about an age appropriate jumping castle?  Children of all ages love bubbles and music – toddlers being no exception.

In reality, birthday celebrations for toddlers are more for the parents than the child, but you can still make sure that they enjoy the event as it occurs – even if they don’t remember it afterwards.

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Amazing Cakes

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You may be in a slight panic due to the fact that your child’s birthday is coming up and you want to at least attempt to put a home-made cake on the table. Great cakes or even amazing cakes do not have to be difficult.

Take a leaf from Martha Stewart’s book and get inspired. Somehow she manages to make cake making effortless. For girls try this hopscotch inspired polka dot number filled with orange marmalade. Boys will love this rocket ship cake covered in delicious buttercream icing. And for those mums that hate to bake – how about this non-bake rice cereal confection cake. It looks traditional enough for a birthday celebration and no doubt tastes great.

But we don’t have to look abroad to source fun and innovative cake making ideas. Australia’s very own Woman’s Weekly is constantly coming up with amazing and tantalising cakes to appeal to all age ranges which have all been triple tested for your own benefit.

These flower themed cupcakes are perfect for a spring birthday party or for movie night, kids will love this popcorn centred baked treat.

Cakes can also be created at special times of year such as Halloween. This is the perfect time of year to create a spooky raspberry ice cream cake or even spider covered cupcakes.

Whether your child is into pirates, Dorothy the Dinosaur, loves skateboarding or just hanging out at the beach – you are bound to find something that will suit their style and your cooking skills.

If you are unsure about a recipe, it is worth doing a trial bake prior to the big day. This may mean more cost to you initially (for double the ingredients) however ultimately it will mean less stress on the big day.

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Bedtime Stories For Sleepover Parties

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Probably the one thought that makes every parent shudder when it comes to planning a sleepover party is getting a houseful of kids to actually go to sleep. After an afternoon and evening of games, food and laughter you don’t want to be lying in bed awake at 3am listening to giggles and whispers.

It is a good idea is to try and settle the kids down with a bedtime story or two. This will make them sit (or lie) still and be quiet and hopefully get them ready for going to sleep.

So what do you read to them when it is bedtime?

Well there are a few things to consider.

• What is the age of the children? Make sure you choose age-appropriate books or they will quickly grow bored and loose interest.

• Select stories suitable for either boys or girls.

• If you have had a party “theme” perhaps continue the theme with the bedtime story.

Here are some possible story suggestions which will entertain them.

Princess Bedtime Stories.

• Stories by Enid Blyton have captivated kids for years and continue to do so.

Harry and the Dinosaurs First Sleepover will be popular with younger boys.

Classic Treasury of Best Loved Bedtime Stories or similar books like this are full of wonderful stories the kids (and adults) will love.

If you are really stuck visit The Children’s Book Council of Australia website for a list of winners in different age groups for “Book of the Year” award.

Pop into your local library or bookstore and have a browse around. You can also take along with you the birthday boy or girl to help them choose a book they think their friends will love and this can become a special memento of their sleepover party.

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